VISIMPEX SOLAR - the SOLAR mounting solution

What we need to know about the solar mounting frames?

Mounting frames represent the lowest cost items among the parts of the solar system, but they are such essential system elements as the solar panels and the inverter.
As far as the composition is concerned VISIMPEX SOLAR system is made exclusively of aluminium and stainless steel (A2) raw materials.

Why do we recommend you the VISIMPEX SOLAR system?

We think you intend to purchase a good product for a longer period of time. You would be satisfied with the security VISIMPEX SOLAR offers you. Beside the excellent quality and constant innovation we pay particular attention to the technical support. This is an important argument in favour of VISIMPEX SOLAR system when we talk about a residential- or a greater project. Furthermore with the favourable price-value equation of quality you need to spend less for maintainance. You can save money, time and quite a lot of inconveniences. And because for us an impossible project doesn’t exist: VISIMPEX SOLAR system offers solutions for professional fixing demands of flat- or sloped roof, for ground mounting as well as for special / unique solutions. In case of demand we go and measure on site, design, prepare offers, produce and deliver fast, exact and on deadline!

Have a look at our product range as follows and in case of further questions please contact our VISIMPEX SOLAR experts who are there for you!

Our references


Finding the roof type

1. Sloped roof installation

1.1 Concrete and ceramic roof tiles

Wavy and streight roof covering

These are the most commonly used roof covering materials that enable to realize variable and beautiful roofs. It can be used with middle and steep roof pitches as well.
The small roof hooks can be fixed to the roof in spots without moving or removing. Beside the streight and wavy roof coverings, larger sized coverings (XXL) appeared also on the home market. In case of these coverings you need to chose the proper roof hook sizes.

Wavy roof covering

Streight roof covering

1.2 Asphalt Roof Shingles

Different styles of asphalt roof shingles show very different characters. It is easy to install the different sized and shaped bitumen roof shingles that have mineral granules embedded in their surfaces mounted on a mesh carrier base, but the position of the main support frame cannot be easily measured.

Fixing elements, roof hooks, hanger bolts have to be mounted on the main construction frame!

Asphalt roof shingle


1.3 Iron sheet roofing materials

Corrugated steel roofing sheet, sandwich panel and metal roof tile

Different style corrugated steel roofing sheets, metal roof tiles belong to this category. Their material can be steel plate or aluminium as well. Their supply is rather wide, they are light and their weight is 1/10 of the weight of the tradititonal tiles. All these make it possible to make lighter roof framing. .

Attention! It often happens that roofing sheets are installed on top of the existing roofs that are in bad shape therefore the standard solutions are not suitable for mounting!!!
In case of roof substructures the following solution is feasibe: TLN44, TLN315 profile system, hanger bolt solution, unique designed elements.

Corrugated steel roofing sheet

Sandwich panel

Pressed sheet roof

Solar panels cannot be mounted on these roofs without demolishing part of it. When taking measurments we need to pay special attention as its appearance as well as surface set up cannot be easily distinguished from the one of tile roofing.
Producers provide roof hooks to the system that can only be mounted when the roofing is made. In case the roofing is drilled, or partly removed, the warranty gets void! Working with a registered carpenter the warranty of the roof remains after mounting the special roof hook!

Metal roofing tile

Pressed roof tile

Roll cap roofing

These are mostly copper-zinc sheets in various colours, rib spacing 55 – 60 cm using click roll caps. The mounts are installed on the roof without removing any part of it, with clamping and the aluminium profiles are fixed to it. The distributor of the mount is going to suggest how to install them and in what distance they need to be set up from each other.

Roll cap roofing


1.4 Slate roofs

Flat and wave slate

Slate is splited from fine-grained natural sediment and after some extraction it becomes an aesthetically beautiful, very durable roof covering material. Only an experienced specalist can mount frames on such roofs.
Man-made slates are similar to natural slates but they are made of fibre and cement blend, pressed or rolled environment friendly roof covering materials. Instead of previously used asbestos cement, now slates are produced mainly of environment friendly fibre reinforced material.
It breaks easily when mounted, it is very difficult to have repaired!! When it is needed hanger bolt system can be used.
About fixing to sloped roofs you can read here!

Flat slate

Wave slate

On flat roofs you can install solar system only after very careful preparation. There are 2 types of solutions for setting up the sytem, one is drilling through the roof the other is using counterweight. In case of the solution of drilling through the roof the main elements will be fixed to the frame of the building taking care of the professional restoration of water insulation.
This process, due to the lighter weight of the construction has less impact on the building but means higher risk of leaking.
In case of counterweight solutions we have to consider the load capacity of the basic structure involving a specialist or a construction engineer. The distributor of the frame structure makes suggestion for the counterweights, considering the position of the solar panels ans well as their angle. Incorrect mounting can result in damages in the building structure and might as well endanger personal security.
Information about products for flat roof construction you can find here!

Flat roof mounting


Main character of a free standing construction is that they are set up on empty sites outside cultivation areas. This method enables realization of solar power plants with higher MW capacity,
considering the condititons of the surroundings and weather conditions of the area. The constructions can be fixed to the ground (using ground screws) as well as using counterscrews. Their installation requires high logistic expertise and resoure knowledge as well as potential.
You can read about our free standing constructions here!

Free standing construction