Visimpex-Hungary Ltd. has been established in 1997 as a Czech-Hungarian joint venture. The ownership structure of the company that’s headquarter is located in Györ was changed in 2010 as the Czech owner was substituted with the Slovakian Blue Marlin s r o. The Hungarian section is still owned by Dezsö Kosár.

The firm mainly specializes in the wholesale fastening products and industry auxiliary materials both in Hungary and the middle-east European region. Meanwhile also taking a important role in the planning and sale of solar panel supporting structures.

The company’s headquarter and logistical center is located in the International Industrial Park of Györ from where all their domestic orders with a 24 hour delivery and international orders with a 72 hour delivery are being served.

Our goal is no less than to provide an outstanding quality product through the best service possible. We will only be satisfied if it is clear that we are the best when it comes to fasteners.

In order to reach that goal, we always keep on innovating. The main focus in our software innovation is our corporate governance system, our storage management software and our webshop. Meanwhile also using our resources to increase and update our property infrastructure.

The continuous increase of our traffic means that we need to increase our employees` number constantly. The company’s management meanwhile is working hard on maintaining a familiar atmosphere that is the constant source of Visimpex’s success.

2005- Kisalföld region’s best medium-sized company - given by the publisher Kisalföld

2015- Dezsö Kosár, entrepreneur of the year in Hungary - given by the Hungarian National Entrepreneur Association

In the digital age, a company’s leader faces numerous challenges put up by the constant technological innovations. Visimpex finds a serious opportunity in digital innovations (logistics, sales, finance) and social media platforms. We are in continuous communication with our costumers through our website and newsletter as well as on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Visimpex Hungary Ltd. since the beginnings has put effort in the aiding the disadvantaged. The main focus of our helping efforts are young children. You can find more information about our programs under Visimpex community.

An important part of taking responsibility is the conservation of our environment. Since 2012 our building produces all of its required electricity using solar energy. We also take care in collecting our waste in a way that it can be recycled later.