Company name: Visimpex-Hungary kft.
Adress: H 9027 Győr, Kőrisfa u. 3. 08-09-006280
VAT nr.: HU11453645


Our offers are not obligated orders. Orders must have a written form and must be confirmed by customer.

Our product offerings are directed exclusively to Customers that are business customers, i.e. a corporation, natural or legal person or other organization which the law ascribes the legal capacity who or that enters into the relevant contract directly in relation to his or its business or professional activities and does not purchase for personal, family or household use. Our products and services are intended for business use only. By using its User Account or placing orders through any of our sales channels, the Customer declares unconditionally to purchase and use the goods and services for the aforementioned purposes only and to act as a business customer and not as a consumer subject to consumer protection legislation. Our product offerings are not directed to persons who are under age. If goods are resold or exported, Customer assumes full responsibility for compliance with all applicable laws, including export controls.

User Account

The Customer has the opportunity to register and create a personal user account (“User Account“). Each Customer shall keep only one User Account at the same time. Registration, activation and use of the User Account are free of charge.


Unless explicitly stated otherwise, prices listed in the Online Shop, catalogs are wholesale, do not include shipping and VAT.

We are in position to grant special prices for all articles when ordering higher value.

Shipping begins at arrival the entire amount of your invoice on our bank account.

Regarding transport cost, please contact our office.

Rights of the Customer in case of defects

We may assign to the customer the claims of our choice against suppliers of essential parts. The customer may hold us liable for such defects if prior legal action against the third-party supplier was without succes. If the supplier has its registrered office abroad, prior action out of court will suffice.

The customer is bound to inform us of any actions on the part of our supplier and will keep us informed about hte negotiations on request.

The customer has to notify us of defects in writing immediately before the goods are processed but no later than within one week of receipt of the goods Defects wich cannot be detected within this period even by diligent examination must be notified immediately upon discovery

In the case of justified complaints, we will have the right at our option to remedy the defect or effect substitute delivery within a reasonable period.

The customer has no right to a reduction in price in the case of trivial defects.

Claims of the customer in respect of expenses incurred in the course of substitute performance, in particular transport costs, demurrage, labour and material costs, are excluded if the expenses increase because the delivered item has subsequently been brought to a place other than the place of delivery by the customer or by a third party, unless this corresponds to the intended use of the delivered item or had been agreed with us at the time of conclusion of the contract.

Limitation of Liability, Compensation

We are not be liable for the slightly negligent breach of trivial contractual obligations

Our liability for consequential losses is excluded except in cases of intent, gross negligence or breach of substantive contractual obligations. If we are liable for consequential losses, liability will be limited to foreseeable losses not arising due to unusual circumstances.

Claims of the customer based on product liability laws or physical injury or damage to health attributable to us and the loss of life of the customer or his vicarious agents ar not affected.

The reduction of the limination period does not apply if we are grossly culpable or in the case of physical injury or damage to health attributable to us or in case of loss of life of the customer or his vicarious agents.

The burden of proof for facts underlying a limination of liability or an exclusion of liability will be with us.

Place of performance, jurisdiction and applicable low

The place of performance of all obligations arising form the contractual relationship is Győr.

The jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Győr (Hungary) if the customer is merchant, legal entity of public law or a federal special asset. We are, how ever, free to bring an action against the customer at his principal place of business.

For all contracts with customers registered outside Hungary, these business terms are supplemented by the Vienna UN Convention on the International Purchase of Goods of 11.04.1980 (CISG) insofar as this is applicable. Otherwise only Hungarian law will apply.